8 Ways To Simplify Your Morning Routine


There never seems to be enough time in the morning to put your face on before that 9am lecture starts and sometimes this is essential if it’s the morning of the night before. Well now there is no excuse about looking your best in the morning if you follow these steps to simplify your morning routine!


  1. Focus on one feature– If the minimal look just doesn’t work for you, go ahead and splash out on a full makeup routine – but limit the attention that you lavish to one feature.
  2. Set out your tools in advance-You may be aware of the trick of laying out the outfit that you want to wear the night before. Well the same type of rule applies to your make up- setting out the brushes and tools you plan to use in the morning will downsize the time you use on your morning make up routine.
  3. Choose low maintenance tools- Keeping your makeup tools clean and in good repair is essential to proper application. Instead, choose makeup brushes that you can wash out in the sink and allow to dry on your counter along with other low-fuss makeup tools.
  4. Keep two separate make up bags- Getting ready for a special occasion requires way more make up than is needed for daily activates. So keep the daily minimal make up in own bag and the evening make up in another bag so you know your boundaries and are not tempted to over do the daily make up.
  5. Strive for healthy skin- Keep your skin healthy and clear of break out as much as you can by taking the time to cleanse and condition your skin once a week, keeping it fresh and minimising the need to use make up to cover those blemishes.
  6. 2 in 1 make up- Look for products that perform more than one job, which makes it easier and quicker for application such as a tinted moisturiser, eliminating the need for foundation and pressed powder as it applies a more even layer than loose powder.
  7. Easy morning manicure- If your nails are not looking there best when you first wake up in the morning and you want that groomed nail look, try buffering the nail and skipping the polish saving time. But if you want colour opt for polish in pen form as it easier to apply than polish in brush form.
  8. Headbands and ponytails- These were invented for a woman’s bad hair day. Choose a headband to pull back that unruly fridge or to hide the face you are over due for a trim. Brushing your hair into a ponytail can be a life saver as it looks polished and tidy and hides the fact you might have skipped out on the shampoo for a couple of days. You are a student after all!

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