Summer Ball Hair Inspiration


It’s only a week to go until the Summer ball and with all those exams and essays you probably haven’t had time to even think about what you’re going to wear, let alone how to style your hair!

Fear not because the Seren Beauty team are here to help! Get inspired from our collection of looks!

Getting Reese Witherspoon’s top knot is much easier than you think! The key to getting this look right is by investing in a bun ring.

1) Gather your hair into a ponytail and put it as high as possible.
Put the bun ring over the ponytail and   backcomb the section of hair from the ponytail with a bristle brush.
With the backcombed hair place it all around the bun ring and then place a hair elastic over the top of the ring to keep the hair in place.
Lastly pin any remains of the hair into the bun with grips.







Keep it simple like Emma Stone by opting for a relaxed up-do.

1) Pull hair back into a loose ponytail and twist it upwards.
Secure it randomly with pins and let the ends hang down.
Finish the look with a statement hair accessory.





Why not try vintage style waves like

Jessica Alba?

1) Start by curling your hair with a hair wand or tongs, wrapping large sections of the hair.
Once all the hair is curled, use a bristle brush to gently brush out the curls into a glamorous wave.
Finish this style by sweeping all the hair to the side and spray with hairspray for long lasting hold and a sleek smooth finish.


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