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You might not want to admit it, but the fact of the matter is that most guys need some sort of eyebrow maintenance. Caterpillar eyebrows are simply unacceptable, and a well groomed set of brows can really frame your face. With the Summer ball coming up, now is the perfect time to start getting those brows into shape! Whether you opt for waxing or plucking, Seren is here to guide you through this (relatively pain free!) process…


Not as painful as you may expect! There are home kits available, but we’d suggest getting yourself to a professional salon before trying it yourself. After you’ve been waxed a few times, the eyebrows will grow back significantly less quickly and much finer. It’s also great for getting a good initial shape, that you can then keep tidy with tweezers.


Good for those sporadic longer hairs on their brow.  All that is needed is a small pair of sharp scissors and a steady hand! Simply comb the brow and trim in the direction of hair growth. Don’t get carried away though, you need some hair left!


Great for in-between waxes. Make sure you’ve got a good pair of tweezers, and starting from the underside of the brow move to the outer side, working in the direction of hair growth and removing one hair at a time. Be careful not to tweeze too often, you could create a kind of male-pattern baldness in your eyebrows.


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