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Love is in the air and so are some fantastic Valentine’s Day meal deals! With pubs, bars and restaurants still closed, it looks like most of us will be spending this year at home with either a home cooked meal or, even better, a fuss-free dine-in deal. So whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a partner, with your friends or solo, check out our roundup of the best supermarket offerings for this season of love, along with top picks menus and costings.

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Availability: 10th February – until sold out
Cost: £7.55 or more

With the cheapest three course meal and side combo coming in at £7.55 for 2 people, Aldi’s Valentine’s Day selection is a bargain to say the least. However, if three courses and a side isn’t your vibe then not to worry – with Aldi’s deal you can just select the courses that take your fancy, saving yourself a few pennies if you have a smaller appetite (eg: main and pudding or just a few starters). Although Aldi’s offering won’t save you any money as they aren’t offering a set menu, this is still a great option for those on a budget or those who don’t want a full three course meal.

My top picks from Aldi:

Starter: Specially Selected Sharing Bread with Camembert (V) – £2.99

Main: Specially Selected Lamb Shanks with a Mint & Balsamic Glaze (serves 2) – £6.49

Side: Specially Selected Vegetable Medley (V) – £1.99

Dessert: Specially Selected White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake Slices (V) (serves 2) – £1.99

Total = £13.46

Per head = £6.73

Check out the Aldi website here.


Availability: 4th February – 24th February
Cost: £15.00

Asda is also offering a banging deal, with one starter, one main, two sides, one dessert and a bottle of booze or chocolates coming to £15 (that’s £7.50 per head!). The maximum saving you can make with this deal is £10 if you pop the priciest bottle of booze (cava rose) into your basket before checking out. Asda also offer a Thornton’s Chocolate Selection for those that have more of a sweet tooth which can be used in place of the drink included in this fantastic deal.

My top picks from Asda

Starter: Extra Special Duckless Spring Rolls with Hoisin Dip (V)

Main: Extra Special Pie – British Steak & Red Wine

Sides: Extra Special Triple Cooked Chips (V), Extra Special Red Cabbage (V)

Dessert: Extra Special Sticky Toffee Layered Pot (V)

Drinks: Extra Special Pinot Grigio Rose

Total without deal = £23.00

Total with deal = £15.00 (saving of £8.00 this Valentine’s Day)

Per head = £7.50 

Check out Asda’s full Valentine’s Day meal deal here. 


Availability: 7th February – 14th February
Cost: £15.00 

Tesco’s yummy dine in deal for two includes one starter, main, side, vegetable, dessert and drink for £15, with the maximum saving totalling a respectable £15.20. If heart-shaped brownies are your vibe, we would 100% recommend you check out Tesco’s V-Day offering.

My top picks from Tesco:

Starter: Tesco Finest Antipasti Platter

Main: Finest Duck Brest Portions with a Cherry Hoisin Sauce

Side: Tesco Finest Triple Cooked Chips

Vegetable: Tesco Finest Leeks, Petits Pois & Savoy Cabbage

Dessert: Wicked Kitchen Chocolate Brownie Heart (VG)

Drink: Tesco Finest Prosecco Valdobbiadene Docg

Total without deal = £27.20

Total with deal = £15.00 (saving of £12.20 this Valentine’s Day)

Per head = £7.50

Check out Tesco’s full menu here. 


Availability: 10th February – 15th February
Cost: £15

The closest supermarket to Ffriddoedd Site is offering one starter, main, two sides, dessert and a drink or chocolates for £15 – matching Asda’s Valentine’s Day deal. However, the maximum you could save at Morrison’s is £15.25, approximately £5 more than you would save if you were to shop at its competitor. Check out my top picks below: 

My top picks from Morrisons

Starter: The Best Garlic and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms (V)

Main: The Best Salmon Portions with Honey & Fennel Butter

Sides: The Best Petit Pois, Garden Peas and Edamame Beans (V), The Best Ciabatta Bread Sticks (V)

Dessert: The Best Salted Caramel & Chocolate Profiteroles

Drink: The Best South African Sauvignon Blanc

Total without deal = £21.00

Total with deal = £15.00 (saving of £6 this Valentine’s Day)

Per head = £7.50

Check out Morrisons full Valentine’s Day meal deal here. 


Availability: 2nd February – 16th February
Cost: £8.00

If you’re a steak lover (like me!) then this is not a deal to be missing out on. Iceland recommends pairing it’s ‘two steaks for £6’ deal with onion rings and chips, which brings the total meal to £8 (a saving of £1.30). Alternatively, you could opt for two mains and a dessert from the Gino D’Acampo Italian range, also coming in at £8 (a saving of £1.00). Although you’re not saving as much at Iceland as you would from other supermarkets, any deal is a good deal, right?

My top picks from Iceland

Main: Gino D’acampo My Mamma’s Lasagne, Gino D’acampo My Nonna’s Pizza Margherita

Dessert: Gino D’acampo Hot Chocolate Fondants

Total without deal = £9.00

Total with deal = £8.00 (saving of £1.00 this Valentine’s Day)

Per head = £4.00

Check out the Iceland website here.


Availability: 10th February – 14th February
Cost: £20.00

The priciest deal in our rundown is from M&S (no surprise there!) which includes one starter, main, side, dessert, bottle of fizz and a box of chocolates for £20. However, despite the hefty price tag, shoppers can save a maximum of £16.50 this V-day – the biggest saving out of all of the supermarkets. In addition, the menu was designed by First Dates very own Fred Sirieix – what more could you possibly ask for?

My top picks from M&S

Starter: Plant Kitchen Mushroom Pate (V)

Main: Our Best Ever Chicken Kiev

Side: Truffle Mash Potato (V)

Dessert: Plant Kitchen Heart Churros with Chocolate Sauce (V)

Drink: Conte Priuli Prosecco

Chocolate: Love Bug Mini Chocolates

Total without deal = £35.50

Total with deal = £20.00 (saving of £15.50 this Valentine’s Day)

Per head = £10.00 

Check out the M&S deal here. 


Availability: 10th February – 14th February
Cost: £20.00 or less

With Sainsbury’s Valentine’s meal deal you can select a starter, main, side, dessert, and a bottle of wine/chocolates for £20 or less (because if you don’t spend over £20, you will pay the standard price for your items). This means that how much you save depends on what items you pick. The maximum you can save is £5.95 if you select the most expensive combination. This deal also comes with the option of chocolates instead of booze, with a choice between Cocoa & Co Salted Caramel Truffles or Biscuit Butter Truffles. Unfortunately this deal isn’t available in Bangor due to their being no Sainsbury’s, but this is still aa fantastic deal for anyone studying from home who has a store nearby.

My top picks from Sainsbury’s

Starter: Taste the Difference Scallop Gratin

Main: Taste the Difference Chicken with Spinach, Bacon and Mushroom

Side: Taste the Difference Garlic Flatbread

Dessert: GU Zillionaire’s Cheesecakes

Drink: Laughing Llama Merlot

Total without deal = £21.80

Total with deal = £20.00 (saving of £1.80 this Valentine’s Day)

Per head = £10.00

Check out Sainsbury’s website here.


Availability: 10th February – 16th February
Cost: £15.00

Personally, I would never think of buying myself a Valentine’s Day dine in offer from Co-op, but this deal is one you don’t want to miss. Also coming in at £15, Co-op are offering one starter, main, side and dessert, as well as a bottle of booze this Valentine’s Day. However, if alcohol isn’t your thing then you can get your hands on this bargain for £12, by substituting the fizz for a soft drink. The biggest saving you can make with this deal is £9.80 which is pretty similar to the savings you can make at Asda. The only downside is that there is no Co-op store in Bangor, so this deal is better suited to those who may be studying from home and have a Co-op nearby.

My top picks from Co-op

Starter: Irresistible Slow Roasted Tomato & Vegetable Tarts (V)

Main: Irresistible Salmon En Croute

Side: Irresistible Dauphinoise Potatoes (V)

Dessert: Irresistible Belgian Chocolate and Orange Tortes (serves two)

Drink: Irresistible Rose Prosecco

Total without deal = £23.60

Total with deal = £15.00 (saving of £8.60 this Valentine’s Day)

Per head = £7.50

Check out Co-op’s full Valentine’s Day meal deal here.

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