Blue Sky is one of the many hidden gems of Bangor. Tucked away up an alleyway off the High Street, this gorgeous café is committed to delivering some of the best food in North Wales, with the majority of ingredients being locally sourced and organic. Following a post-lockdown eyebrow wax (yes, it did hurt), I decided to pop in to Blue Sky with my laptop to get some work done, and also to try out their menu. 

Due to the pandemic, Blue Sky recommends booking a table to allow for social distancing, however I was a walk-in customer and was allocated a seat in the downstairs area of the café. There really is such a welcoming atmosphere at Blue Sky; the wicker furniture, traditional architecture and wood burning stove all contribute to the cosy, homely vibe this café presents. What makes this eatery even better are all of the friendly staff, particularly Ollie, who kept me fed and watered throughout my visit. 

To start, I had a pot of tea (basic I know) which cost £2.65. The tea was served in a super cute green ‘stump tea pot’, which is one of the many nice items on offer in the Blue Sky retail corner. Whilst my tea was brewing, I started watching my Shark Ecology lecture and listened to the 60s and 70s style background music playing in the café. One pot of tea yielded around 3 cups, but I wish I had more because it was so lush! 

 Whilst I was taking a break from my online learning, I had a glance over the menu. Just reading about the breakfast roll from the Brunch menu made my mouth water and my stomach rumble. I couldn’t help myself and opted for a brown roll, filled with treacle cured bacon, blue sky sausage and fried egg. The price of the bap was £4.95, bringing my total spend in Blue Sky to £7.60. I did initially think that it was overpriced for a bit of bread with some breakfast fillings but when the bap arrived at my table, I was not disappointed.

The whole bap really was cooked to perfection in my expert opinion, and only took around 20 minutes to come. The blue sky sausage was to die for, smoky in taste and a nice, meaty texture. I really enjoyed the bacon which was lovely and crispy, and the fried egg was super runny (who doesn’t love a runny egg?). They definitely didn’t skimp on the filling for the breakfast roll and by the time I had finished it my hands were a right mess! The bap itself was also a good size and was very filling – I would 100% have it again. 

 Although this brunch was a messy one, it was 100% worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and even though I had been to Blue Sky before, the service, menu and general experience definitely lived up to my expectations. Quality food, quality staff and quality atmosphere – what more could you ask for? Rating: 5 stars

Check out their current menu here.


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