Web-Based Tool Highlights the Cala-strophic Effect of a Night Out on Your Health


With pubs closing earlier, there are undoubtedly more and more people drinking at home or simply heading to the pub a few hours earlier. But boozy nights out (or should I say boozy afternoons out) cause a lot of people to pile on the pounds as they don’t realise just how many calories they are consuming, and how few of these they are actually burning off through exercise. 

A free online tool, built by the owners of Alertr.co.uk, aims to do all the work for you, by converting the calories consumed on a ‘big’ night out in Bangor, into a range of different exercises you can do to burn them off. Exercises include a simple walk or cycle, all the way up to more difficult exercises including burpees and, erm, ‘moderate love making’. 

Image by www.Alertr.co.uk

The tool is easy to navigate and to use. Simply enter the different quantities of alcoholic beverages and accompanying food you have consumed on your night out, and WorkOffYourDinner will inform you how long you need to participate in various physical activities in order to work off your naughty treats. All of the data used to build the tool comes from a range of sources, including online calorie websites and various exercise statistics gathered through desk-based research, and exercise statistics are weighted to cater for the average adult.

In order to put the tool to the test, I decided to try and input my typical night out into the website: 3 double Peach Schnapps and Lemonade, 2 Purple Pussy’s (big up Rascals), 4 shots of Vodka, a couple of VK’s and a Kebab on the way home. Unfortunately, not all of these beverage options were available on WorkOffYourDinner, so I opted for something a bit simpler.

Image by www.Alertr.co.uk.

In order to burn off 3 G&T doubles, 3 vodka and coke doubles and a kebab (1503 calories), I would need to:

  • Cycle for 31 miles OR
  • Complete 2004 burpees OR
  • Run for 10 miles OR
  • Spend 250 minutes in the bedroom partaking in some ‘rumpy-pumpy’.

So next time you’re out with your pals, remember that you need to do some pretty intense exercise if you’re going to burn off the calories from the sesh. I certainly know what physical activity I won’t be participating in… running of course!

Click here to test out the tool for yourself.


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