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It’s that special time of year again, a very happy time. That time when everyone comes together, over not spring, not daffodils, but crème eggs! That’s right guys, crème egg season has arrived, they are popping up in every shop, on every till screaming ‘goo’ on you know you want me….

creme egg In celebration we thought we would transform the humble hot chocolate into something that will have you breaking that Lent chocolate ban in no time, so we introduce to you the one, the only, the heavenly, the sumptuous, the mouthwatering, the heart stopping…..


Crème Egg Hot Chocolate

The simplest of recipes which calls for just two ingredients

100_3874–          2 crème eggs


–          A mugful of milk


And to create this masterpiece

1.       Grab yourself a microwavable jug (or anything big enough to whisk your milk in) and a whisk.

2.       Pour your milk into the jug and pop into the microwave for approximately 30 seconds

3.       Take out your milk and start whisking, until you have frothy milk

4.       Repeat until your milk is hot and then remove from the microwave

5.       Unwrap those crème eggs and place in the hot milk

6.       Whisk away until you have smooth chocolatey goodness

7.       Pour into a mug and then sit back and enter into crème egg heaven as you drink your creation



If you don’t have a microwave then heat your milk on the hob and whisk until hot, and if you want to make it even more decadent we recommend topping it with squirty cream and grated chocolate.


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