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This month we are introducing you to a recipe coming all the way from the shores of South Korea, the Kimbap. A perfect sandwich alternative that will have you looking super trendy on those dull library days.


Kimbap is a very common food in Korea and is enjoyed when we go on picnics with family and friends. When I was a child, my mum woke up early and made special Kimbap for me. It is also often especially made by Girlfriends to take their boyfriends on picnics, the perfect date food!

How to make Kimbap

Serves 2


Sushi Rice (you can find this in most supermarkets now, check out the oriental sections)

4 Gim (aka Seaweed, again you can find this in most supermarkets)

Sesame oil

4 eggs

2 carrots

1 Cucumber

8 Crabsticks

1 can of Tuna

Mayonnaise (or sliced cheese, ham) (or 1 yellow radish)

Bamboo mat ( just 99p from asda)

1.       Cook the rice according to packet instruction

2.       Allow rice to cool and mix in 1 tablespoon sesame oil ensuring sticky consistency

3.       Whilst the rice is cooling, cut cucumber into 8 equal parts and remove its watery middle

4.       Spread 3 tablespoon of salt on it and set aside for 30 mins, then wash with cold water

5.       Beat the eggs and fry in a pan until an omelette like consistency

6.       Slice the egg into thin strips

7.       Fry the Carrots lightly in oil for three minutes

8.       Drain the can of tuna and mix with 1 tablespoon of Mayonaise

9.       Divide crab sticks in half

10.   Place a sheet of seaweed onto a bamboo mat.

11.   Spread a quarter of the rice onto the seaweed sheet, ensuring evenly spread

12.   Layer all ingredients onto the rice in a line at one end, about 1 centimetre from the short edge

13.   Using the mat carefully roll the kimbap together

14.   Sprinkle with sesame oil and slice into sushi style pieces

15.   Enjoy your fantastic kimbap with your friends and family

The best thing about Kimbap is you can pretty much put any combination of ingredients, so if you fancy trying something different to this traditional recipe then why not try creating your own? We recommend ham and sliced cheese. Happy rolling guys!




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