Restaurant Review: Noodle One Bangor


It was admittedly with some excitement I went to Noodle One with my housemates. Considering myself something of a ‘foodie’, I enjoy sampling new things and having a crack at a culture I haven’t experienced. Unfortunately for me, this has never really extended to Asian cuisine. I love sushi, and like most I’ve had the odd Chinese takeaway. However, as far as authentic Asian food goes, I’ve never partaken.

What I can say after visiting Noodle One is that I will be again! To start, me and my three friends shared a chicken satay, which was very tasty (although I’d recommend one each, as we only had one piece of chicken per person – I hadn’t originally intended to share it!). For the main course, I intended to try something that I hadn’t the foggiest idea about, so I ordered a pork and prawn wonton soup. I’m slightly ashamed to admit I didn’t know what wonton was (a pastry parcel with meat inside-a bit like a dumpling), but thoroughly enjoyed it regardless. The broth was hearty and tasty, and was filled to the brim with noodles, vegetables and bamboo shoots. I also had king prawns in there too, so I was spoilt for choice in terms of variety and texture. This was all washed down with several Tiger beers, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The only downside was that the flavours on offer were very wholehearted and blunt.

This is enjoyable food, but probably best enjoyed as a winter warmer, as opposed to a light summer snack. The other negative aspect was self-inflicted, namely when I accidentally ingested a chilli which was giving the broth a delicate spice, and it resulted in me having to take a break from eating whilst I experienced the not altogether wonderful sensation of my tongue being hot enough to melt steel. Apart from that though, I had a thoroughly enjoyable meal, and would definitely return.


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