First model with Down syndrome in New York Fashion Week



‘American Horror Story’ actress Jamie Brewer has become the first woman with Down syndrome to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. Brewer made her appearance in one of the first shows of the Fashion Week.


Brewer is active in the Down syndrome community, involved in numerous organisations including the National Down Syndrome Congress and American Association of People with Disabilities of the United States.


The 30-year-old strutted the catwalk in designer Carrie Hammer’s show, wearing a dress which was inspired by her roles on the popular horror series.


Brewer played a witch on American Horror Story so she was dressed in black with an A-line cut.


“Jamie has this beautiful figure with a small waist. A-lines really compliment that,” Hammer said about the design.


Hammer started her “Role Models Not Runway Models”-campaign a year ago, when she showed her first line at Fashion Week. The designer uses her clients to model her clothes, representing powerful women who don’t necessarily fit traditional beauty standards.


“Young girls and even young women … [see me]and say ‘hey, if she can do it so can I,’” Brewer said of her fashion debut. “It’s a true inspiration being a role model for any young women to [encourage them]in being who they are and showing who they are.”


The New York Fashion Week will continue until 19th February.


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