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If you are ready for Christmas and excited about Christmas markets, then let me serve this good news on a festive, silver platter: The elves of Wales have opened this year’s student market!

This year it’s an online market. But don’t let that put you off – Christmas shopping online comes with a present-sack full of benefits! 

The website seems very accessible so far, with a convenient filter feature to shop the following categories: Art, Beauty, Cards, Ceramics, Christmas, Crafts, Fashion, Food, Home, Jewellery, Photography, Service, and Textiles. (Plus, if you are as excited as me and just want to browse all the goodies right away, you don’t have to use the filter at all!)

The market promotes many wonderfully distinct and unique products that you can buy for your nan, your brother, your university soul-mate, or even yourself! Supporting small businesses has always been an economically beneficial move, and now more than ever we should all support each other through these hardships and create a happier Christmas for everyone.

Applying could not be easier for students and graduates from Welsh institutions to add their online selling platforms (such as Etsy, Shopify, and eBay) to the merry bunch. Anyone with the link can access the market from now until Christmas! (And afterwards too! More on this later).

Compared to the usual indoor-market that students had in their respective institutions in previous years, all advertised businesses can be accessed just as easily as others, as this website is classified as a directory. This aims to give equally-divided attention to shops and avoids any unfairness in that respect. For instance, last year’s Christmas Student Market in Bangor saw a lot of stalls receive a lot less attention from customers due to location, (including mine!). But this dramatic scene is all cut from the online market and that will see to every verified shop being equally advertised, and receiving just as much recognition, no matter how big or small, developed or new the business may be.

Details of the companies remain published until the vendor’s choosing, for up to 12 months! This means, should you wish it, the WHOLE new year will provide further coverage and advertisement on YOUR brand! For those of us who tend to wait until the last minute for purchasing gifts, this will help form ideas for next year’s Christmas presents!

If you have not checked it out yet or are antsy and wanted me to give you the link already, go visit ‘’!

Finally, Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

Social Media links for the market:

Facebook and Instagram: @walesstudentmarket

Twitter: @walesstudentmkt


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