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As we slowly approach Christmas, Costa begins to release its Christmas drinks. So I decided this year to walk to Costa and try all of them. After the third drink, I was feeling full of festivity and perhaps a bit too much coffee, so I called in some reinforcements to help me get through the experience intact. After much debate, here is my rating of the Costa Christmas drinks.

After Eight – 8/10 – perfect if you love mint.

First, I tried the mint After Eight hot chocolate, starting off as a very strong choice. For me, this was my favourite festive drink at Costa. I ordered it lactose-free (which is a good milk alternative that is there alongside oat, almond, coconut and soy milk) although if you want them vegan you should just order without toppings. I enjoyed this hot chocolate the most as it wasn’t too sickly, it was richer chocolate with a subtle mint aftertaste. A subtle festive drink with a smooth finish. So if you like mint and chocolate this is the festive drink for you! 

Terry’s Chocolate Orange hot chocolate – 7/10

Next, with help from my reinforcement, I tried the Terry’s Chocolate Orange hot chocolate. I enjoyed this hot chocolate as it tasted exactly like Terry’s chocolate orange, the beautiful flavour of nostalgia, like sitting at home on Christmas Day indulging on piles of chocolate. It was a smooth sweet flavour. I wouldn’t recommend if you’re not a fan of sweet drinks as this was a sweet drink with a stronger orange flavour. In comparison to the After Eight hot chocolate, the flavour was more prevalent but if you like chocolate oranges you’re in for a treat.

White chocolate hot chocolate – 5/10 – not my style but good if you like subtle flavour and sweet. 

Next, I tried the white chocolate hot chocolate. I was not too fond of this hot chocolate as to me it tasted like vanilla as it wasn’t flavoursome enough for me, but if you like a subtle drink I would recommend it. The white chocolate flavour was subtle so it was a similar taste to sweet milk, indeed it reminded me of a vanilla milkshake. Therefore this would be at the bottom of my list of festive drinks as I didn’t feel as Christmassy. But after asking others, they enjoyed the drink also agreeing that the taste was more plain compared to the others. But a perfect drink if you love a sweet subtle flavour. Less white chocolate flavour but more sweet vanilla. 

Next, I moved on to caffeinated beverages. 

Gingerbread Latte – 9/10

For this drink I called in a friend who rated this drink very highly, saying that their favourite part of the drink was the little gingerbread man that was put on top of the cup. And I agree with them. This drink was the perfect balance of coffee gingerbread and milk. It was subtle, yet sweet but not too sweet and made me feel Christmassy. This iconic gingerbread latte was my favourite Christmas drink at Costa. Festive and comforting. 

The purple one latte – 4/10

Personally, I was not too fond of this latte as to me it just tasted like a hazelnut milk latte and was quite sickly in my opinion. But if you like hazelnut and caramel this coffee would be perfect for you but for me, it was average on the coffee front. 

I would rate Costa’s commitment to Christmas 10\10. Giving a matching sweet to the drink. For example an After Eight with the After Eight hot chocolate. I was very happy with my Costa Coffee Christmas experience.


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