LGBT+ History Month


LGBT+ History Month focuses on educating about and remembering the community’s history as well as addressing the prejudice against us. In the US it began in 1994, but here in the UK it was started in 2005 by teachers Sue Sanders and Paul Patrick. February was chosen because it coincides with the abolition of Section 28. This landmark legislation along with the beginnings of same-sex marriage legalization in 2006, declassification of same-sex attraction as a mental illness in 1992, and the first pride march in 1972 are just some of the major landmarks in the fight for our rights that are often brought up this month.

What is equally important is to educate people on our culture and the achievements of this community. This is why each year has a theme; this year is Poetry, Prose & Plays.
That is the meaning behind LGBT+ history month as well as the difference between this month and Pride Month. Whilst Pride focuses on celebration and being proud of who we are, History Month is primarily about education and awareness.

In light of all this, this month we (Bangor LGBT+ society) have been organising sensitivity training, educational talks, and have been sharing the lives of famous figures from our history and poetry that our community has produced. If you would like to get involved with work like this next year or in the organisation of Pride later this year, feel free to message us on social media (Facebook & Instagram) or come along to one of our regular socials: 12pm – 3pm in Caffi Deiniol on Saturdays, or 8pm in the Main Arts Lecture Theatre for a film night on Sundays.


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