Being Single on Valentine’s Day

  • Up to 40 million (76%) Brits will be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year – 1.4 million less than the number who celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2020.
  • 24% of Brits will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.  

I’ve personally always found being single really fun. But with almost a year of lockdowns and restrictions on socialising, it hasn’t exactly been the year for tinder-dating and friends with benefits!

Whether you’re recently single or you’re used to not being coupled-up on Valentine’s Day, being single does not mean you can’t celebrate this special day of love and romance!   

Here are some tips on how you can spend this Valentine’s Day giving yourself some self-love and care…

Do the things that make you happy

Whether it’s reading a book while tucked up in bed, or having a few glasses of wine with your friends over Zoom, do something that you enjoy today and is guaranteed to make you happy. When we’re down it’s easy to wallow in our misery but if you make plans to do something you enjoy, the day will fly by much quicker.

Manifest positivity 

When you manifest positive things, good things will start coming your way. Tell yourself things like ‘I am beautiful’, ‘I am strong’ and ‘I am worthy’, will mean you’ll eventually start to believe and feel these things. 

The way we talk to ourselves has a huge impact on our overall happiness and mental health. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others. 

Treat yourself 

At this time of year, the shops are full of chocolate, flowers and wine, all at a bargain price. These aren’t just for couples! Treat yourself or one of your fellow single friends to a Valentines gift.

One of the beautiful things about being single is you are absolutely free to do whatever you want. You can turn Valentine’s day into a day all about you. Cook your favourite meal, buy yourself the item you’ve had your eyes on for a while and watch the film you’ve seen 100 times already but just love!

Write a love letter to yourself 

Our self-worth and how we value and feel about ourselves comes from within. Write a letter to yourself describing all the things you love about you, because you are amazing! You can read the letter back on days where you need a confidence boost, are feeling a bit low, or have maybe forgotten how amazing you are. 

What do you love about yourself? What makes you special? What are the achievements you are most proud of?

Plan a Valentine’s craft session with your friends 

Being single doesn’t mean you have to spend today alone. Get your single friends involved in a virtual crafting session and make each other Valentine’s cards or decorations. Pinterest has thousands of ideas for things you can do. If crafting isn’t your thing, you could try other activities like baking, a movie night or an online quiz. 

Stay in and pamper yourself 

Shave your legs, apply your fake tan, put a hydrating face-mask on and wear your favourite underwear – you will look and feel great about yourself. You might not have a Valentine’s date this year, but why not take a few selfies while you’re feeling glamorous and upload it to the gram.  

Nourish your body 

One of the best ways to show ourselves some love is to eat well and drink plenty of water. It’s simple – eating unhealthy food will make you feel miserable and sluggish, while taking part in a form of exercise you enjoy will make you feel happy and energized. It’s far easier said than done, but try and use Valentine’s day as a day to love and take care of your body and health.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary 

With current lockdown restrictions, most of us are spending a lot of time stuck in our bedrooms. Why not take some time to decorate and accessorize your room so it feels like a sanctuary and a proper place to relax. 

If your bedroom is the place you work in as well as relax and sleep, consider moving your furniture around to try create a divide between your work space and your relaxation space. Getting enough sleep at night is essential for our general health and happiness, take a look at my advice for how to get a better nights sleep here.

Remember that being single isn’t actually the worst thing that can happen to you

I’ve always said that I’d rather be single and happy than in a relationship and miserable. Being single is not the end of the world – in fact it can be loads of fun and the perfect opportunity to grow and develop yourself. 


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