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El Camino is the original customisable travel bracelet brand, founded by business partners Candace Kellough and Tom Lane, based on their passion for travel, adventure and experiences.  

When I was approached by El Camino, I knew this was a product I wanted to try! Over the summer I travelled to Spain to walk the famous pilgrimage Camino de Santiago, so I wanted one of El Camino’s handcrafted travel bracelets and handmade Steps (beads) that would be unique to me, and remind me of my memories made whilst travelling in Spain and walking the Camino.

El Camino customers can choose from a wide variety of Steps (beads) that represent the journeys the wearer has taken, and the places they’ve visited. Popular Step Collections include countries, place names, islands, landmarks and oceans. 

The most recent launches and best-selling Steps include the Lockdown 2020 and Covid-19 Hero 2020, with 20% of all sales going to NHS charities – how great is that!

El Camino

The El Camino philosophy is simple: to continue making memories across the globe and sharing inspiration with other travellers. 

We all have meaningful places in the world that have a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s where we spent quality time with loved ones, somewhere that we long to revisit, or a place where we created cherished moments. The memories made while travelling are timeless and remembering much-loved destinations is a source of joy. Capturing these moments is the perfect way to look back on adventures with friends, family and loved ones and commemorate the places visited and the memories made. 

An El Camino is truly a gift for life, as wearers can continue to add to their bracelet or necklace as they visit more places. 

El Camino

Firstly, customers choose their bracelet style from four different cord colours with an option for single (£21.99) or double (£31.99) bands.

Once you’ve chosen your band you can customise your bracelet with Steps (beads) from the different Step Collections based on countries, oceans, cities, islands and landmarks – all of which are hand-made in the UK. Best-selling ranges include the recent Lockdown 2020 and Covid-19 Hero 2020 Steps (£8.49) varieties.

Other popular ranges include Country Steps (£8.99) – featuring 240 Steps. They represent every country in the world, and are made from the highest quality stainless steel.

Small Steps (£8.49) – an ever-changing range of popular destinations, made from the highest quality stainless steel.

Ocean Steps (£15.99) and Sea Steps (£15.99) – representing the five world oceans and five seas around the world, handmade from glass in the UK.

Region Steps (£10.99) – representing regions around the world such as Europe, Scandinavia and Oceania, handmade from glass in the UK.

Adventure Steps (£10.99) – a growing range of Steps to inspire adventure whether you’re a water baby, extreme sports enthusiast or feel most at home hiking in the mountains.

El Camino

So, whether you’re looking for the ideal gift to commemorate past adventures or to serve as inspiration for future travels, an El Camino is truly a gift for life.

Find out more about El Camino and order your necklace or bracelet at elcaminobracelets.com


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