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You don’t need to be an elite athlete, pay a fortune for a Personal Trainer and a gym membership, or be out running a marathon every day to be fit and active; as lockdown taught many of us, it’s perfectly possible to keep fit from the comfort of your own home. 

Exercise is an amazing way to improve your physical and mental health. As we’re spending most of our days indoors studying and doing online lectures, a Youtube workout is the perfect filler activity for in-between lectures, or for a quick study-break when we need to get away from our desks and do something different!

From Yoga and Stretch videos, to full-on HIIT workouts, here are my favourite Youtube workout videos and channels for you to try at home …


4.74M subscribers

MadFit is one of my favourite fitness accounts on Youtube, as there is a huge variety of content uploaded daily, meaning there is something new to try every single day! 

MadFit’s workout videos range from Dance Workout Routines, with all the latest chart music, to Stretching and Yoga videos for stress and anxiety relief (a perfect way to start and end your day). I also love doing the Apartment-Friendly Fat Burn workouts, so I’m not annoying my new neighbours!

Bailey Brown 

285K subscribers 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge fan of the Kardashians, which is why I love Bailey Brown’s Kardashian-inspired workouts! The KYLIE JENNER HOURGLASS ABS and BUTT LIFT, KARDASHIAN BUTT LIFT WORKOUT, and How to get LEAN LEGS like KENDALL JENNER are three of my personal favourites. Of course I know I’m never going to actually look like a supermodel like Kendall Jenner, but it’s good fun to do the workout anyway and see the improvements on my body and shape. 


223K subscribers 

“Poosh is the modern guide to living your best life”

Nobody, and I mean nobody, keeps things more real than Kourtney Kardashian! Whenever I watch Kourtney on Keeping Up with The Kardashians, I’m so inspired by the way she says exactly what she thinks, gives great advice, and is so confidently herself. So it was no surprise to me when Poosh, Kourtney’s beauty and wellness site, uploaded Youtube workout videos that gave us exactly what we’ve all secretly been wanting. 

Poosh have workout videos that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere on Youtube, including Hip Workouts for Better Sex, Exercises to Help Reduce Menstrual Cramps, Vagina Exercises for Better Sex and Quick Exercises to Boost Your Metabolism. 

Abigail Ekweghi 

226K subscribers 

I’ve only recently started watching Abigail Ekweghi’s health, fitness and wellness videos, however I already think it’s such a breath of fresh air to be able to follow workout videos from somebody who has a body that’s similar to mine. The categories of her videos are perfect for women who want to lose fat in certain areas, like love-handles and back fat. There are also video categories on other things, like lifting and tightening your breasts, and growing your side booty.


15.3M subscribers 

I first became aware of ChloeTing when one of my friends completed one of the shred programmes and lost a lot of weight very quickly, which originally made me quite wary of the workouts and programmes on the channel. However, after giving a few a go myself, I was pleasantly surprised by the online programmes and found that they were well-structured and easy to follow. Although I didn’t experience a crazy body-transformation like a lot of ChloeTing reviewers online have, I really enjoyed the workouts, especially as they pushed me in an area I generally avoid at the gym – abs!

The Hourglass programme was also great for me, as the exercises are tailored to body shapes like mine, helping me get the best peach possible during lockdown!

PopSugar Fitness

5.19M subscribers

PopSugar Fitness has videos on all kinds of fitness, including Nike HIIT workouts, barre routines, STRONG by Zumba classes, kickboxing and hip-hop fit workouts. Over lockdown I went to this channel a lot as there are many equipment-free workouts that use body-weight only, which was ideal for me as I don’t have my own weights at home. I put the 4-Minute No-Weight, Arm Toning Workout and 5-Minute Squat Workout for a Tight Booty into my daily morning routine as a fun and energetic way to start the day!

Yoga with Adrienne

8.43M subscribers 

I’ve always found that yoga is amazing for my mind, body and soul. It’s something I love doing, but in the hectic-ness of everyday life I don’t always get round to it. However during lockdown I could prioritize different things, and my mental health was definitely one of them. I did yoga and stretching daily and it made me feel so much calmer and happier in a very anxious and stressful time. As well as calming and reflective yoga sessions, Yoga with Adrienne has yoga videos focused for weight-loss, toning and trimming too. 

The Body Coach TV

2.56M subscribers 

I’ve always been a big fan of Joe Wicks, and during lockdown he was a great source of energy and inspiration for the whole country! Being a trainee teacher, I loved his PE videos for kids, because as well as enjoying doing them myself, they inspired me with ideas on how I can get the children I teach to be more active and enjoy exercise and PE more. Other series on the channel such as ’28 Days of Sweat’ are great too, as they say it usually takes between 21 and 28 days to form a new habit. Although following the same programme for 28 days is a challenge, it will make you more likely to continue your fitness journey. 


1.02K subscribers 

Diverse Dance Mix (DDMIX) is the passion project of world-famous dancer Darcey Bussell – it’s a dance-themed aerobic workout based on a range of different dance styles from around the world. Pre-lockdown I used to enjoy attending DDMIX classes at my local gym whenever I was home, so when lockdown happened I really missed going to these classes! To get my DDMIX fix I downloaded some classes from the DDMIX website that I had to pay for. However if you don’t want to commit to buying any classes just yet, they have a free taster session on their Youtube channel for you to try it out!


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