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If you have a part-time office job or work in an office when you go home for breaks, this article hopes to offer you some useful, quick tips to do it right!

First things first, you sit most of the day, so make sure your chair is adjusted properly. If you don’t, you can become uncomfortable and fidgety which reduces your productivity. You could get back pain and aching shoulders, which can eventually lead to worse problems, so from the get-go, please make sure your chair is suited to you!

More often, places of work are offering the option to stand at your desk. This can be good for your posture and in the long term increase your work output because you are more focused than you would be if you were sitting. However, this is not for everyone, so just ensure you do what feels right for you and what will keep you happy 9-5.

Keep a healthy snack on your desk. You will eat it for something to do other than work. Do not have an unhealthy snack on your desk. You will eat it, and you will regret it.

Drink lots of water. It’s always important to stay hydrated.

Get to know the people around you. Sometimes you need a quick chat to give you a break or help with a question you don’t know how to answer. The people around you are usually in the same position as you and would be happy to assist you, and probably ask you in return later.

Be organised. Keep track of your work with a simple schedule, check it every morning and keep it updated! When you feel overwhelmed, you’re less likely to perform well, so handle your workload with a manageable timetable that allows you to make small achievements frequently, so that you feel good about the work you have done!

Move around. There’s nothing worse than sitting at your desk for hours on end without getting up and boosting your circulation. Some offices have table tennis, pool tables or something similar. If you’re lucky to have these, you should really use them! They can be fun and you’re getting a bit of exercise too! If you don’t have either, you can simply go for a walk during your lunch break, or speak to your manager about fitting in a physical break. Sitting at your desk can be a strain on your whole body.

If you know you need to get work done, and you don’t think you’ll be able to avoid distractions at your desk, see if you can book a meeting or conference room, where you can work solid for a couple of hours on your own.

Wherever you work, make sure you feel happy and comfortable in your environment, and remember, you can always ask your manager if you want to make a change or add something to your work routine that will ultimately make you feel better at work and thus achieve more.


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