Staying Fit at University


Unfortunately, during their university years, it is not uncommon that young people can put on a few pounds. This can be because of drinking, a bad diet or just not getting enough exercise. This article aims to offer students some advice on keeping fit whilst at university.


In Bangor, most of the university buildings are close together, so we walk nearly everywhere. We are blessed with a few lovely hills, and even though this may not seem like much, walking around is a great starting point when looking to get fitter. 


Another big part of staying healthy is eating well. It is tempting to get takeaways and eat snack food, but this can be an expensive habit to keep up. Making a meal plan for each week can give you some structure and means you don’t take ages shopping or deciding what you want to eat. The best way to make your meals healthier is cooking from scratch, as it allows you to know where your food has come from, and if done right, your meals will be much cheaper.


Make sure you get enough sleep and watch your alcohol intake, as these can not only affect your weight but also your concentration levels, which are vital if you want to do well on your course. This is not to say you shouldn’t have some fun nights out – just take care of yourself!


If you are living in halls, access to the Canolfan Brailsford gym on the Ffriddoedd site is free – you just need to attend an induction session. The gym itself is well-equipped with treadmills, rowing machines, bikes and loads more great fitness machines. You can also book onto the different classes they offer, like Pilates, Boxercise or Spinning.

The gym in St.Mary’s is also free, and it includes cross trainers, treadmills and bikes as well as a water rower and a variety of resistance machines. Make the most of these facilities! 


If you are not living in halls, but you want to become a member of a gym, there’s the two already mentioned on our accommodation sites, but there’s also a number of gyms in lower Bangor too. Find what’s right for you by comparing location, facilities and price. To join, the common way is to simply apply online or head to their reception and ask for more information. You can find opening hours on their website.


You can also join any number of sports clubs that Bangor offers – you don’t have to be an athlete to be in a team. Just taking part with the goal of doing exercise every week is a great step towards a healthier you, and the best thing is, they’re all free! If you missed out at Serendipity, take a look at the Undeb Bangor website’s list of sports available.



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