Seren Singles #2: Rachel and Daniel


With the success of last month’s Seren’s Singles blind date, I decided to reach out on all social media platforms and ask the students of Bangor to get involved! The response I had was fantastic. I was definitely not expecting the number of people to contact me that did. So, thank you to those of you who did get in touch whether it was via Facebook or email. I am making it my mission to have you play your part in the next issue’s blind date, so watch this space!

Moving onto this month’s blind date, I introduce to you Daniel Healey and Rachel Nicholls.  Daniel is the recent champion of the Greedy B*stard Challenge in Mikes Bites (the first one of the year in fact) and Rachel, well, Rachel opts for the Happy Meals in McDonald’s as she says the standard regular meal is just too filling! Let’s hope their appetite is the only thing they don’t have in common and that Daniel isn’t just the King of the Greedy B*stard but the King of Chat too…


Rachel Nichols: 2nd Year English Lit and Creative Writing

Daniel Healey: 3rd Year Sport Science

Where did you go for your date?

D: We went to Clios Lounge in Bangor at around 7:45pm.

What were your first impressions of each other?

R: I got there before he did, so I sat down first. I recognised him because we have a few mutual friends in common. He’s part of the rowing society and I know a few people who are too. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really think he was my type.

D: I thought she was friendly, nice and a good-looking girl. She was easy to talk to as well. She did seem quite nervous at the start of the date though.

Was it awkward?

R: At first it was. There were a few awkward silences, but I guess that’s normal for a first date. He was good at thinking of things to fill the silences though.

D: For me, it didn’t feel awkward at all.

What did you talk about?

R: I mentioned how I recognised him. We also discussed our mutual friends and the societies we were part of. We are both fair skinned too so we talked about how we both burn to a crisp in the sun. We mainly just talked about our mutual friends though.

D: We talked about a lot of things, mainly standard stuff to be honest. We discussed nights out, films, video games as she has a huge interest in them and we also mentioned which sports we enjoyed.

Did you have anything in common?

R: We didn’t really have much in common which was part of the problem. For instance, I like to go on nights out and he said he doesn’t really.

D: I think the main thing we had in common was video games as that appeared to be Rachel’s main interest, including dancing.

Did you disagree on anything?

R: I tend to stay away from disagreeing with people on things. We didn’t discuss politics or anything like that, thank goodness!

D: We didn’t disagree on anything to be honest.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

R: We didn’t end up exchanging details or anything. I gave him a hug goodbye for politeness. I think he did get the same vibe from me about the date. It was a nice time and we had a good chat, but we just didn’t click.

D: We were both there for quite a while and we walked to Asda after the date because Rachel needed some mixer for her night out. We talked about a lot of things and I thought it was a chilled date. It also went really quick in my opinion.

Would you like to see each other again?

R: I wouldn’t like to see him again just because we didn’t click.

D: I would like to see her again, yes.


Well, slightly more awkward than the first date and not as successful, but I still hope these two had a good time and enjoyed a different experience.

I am still looking to continue my job as cupid, if you would like to get involved with Seren Singles please contact me on



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