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I caught up with Instagram sensation, fashion blogger and masters student Becky Lou Button over hot chocolate & Sauvignon Blanc (It’s one of those Mondays). With an impressive 30K followers, Becky not only posts cute outfit ideas on her social media but she also uses her degree to educate and share the world of consumer psychology on her blog beckyloubutton.co.uk. She also has a Youtube channel that include clothing hauls, makeup tutorials and features her gorgeous puppy, Winter! Get to know Becky with this vogue-inspired 73 questions interview…


  1.       How old are you? 21
  2.       What is your degree? Masters in Consumer Psychology.
  3.       What year are you in? 4th
  4.       Leather or Denim? Denim
  5.       Floral or Leopard? At the moment, leopard.
  6.       Cup of tea or glass of champagne? Champagne
  7.       Favourite winter trend ATM? I love leather trousers – misguided coated jeans are amazing!
  8.       3 beauty products you can’t live without? YSL Concealer – you don’t even need foundation with it, YSL curled mascara and Carmex, always!
  9.       Favourite Xmas film? I don’t really do Christmas films, probably The Grinch?
  10.   Celeb style inspo? Victoria Beckham
  11.   70s or 90s? 90s
  12.   Last fashion piece you bought? This jumper I’m wearing now! An oversized white fluffy turtleneck from NastyGal.
  13.   Heels or flats? Flats
  14.   Bold eye or bold lip? Lip
  15.   Clean cut or rough and ready? I like to think I’m clean cut…but really I’m rough and ready.
  16.   Mini or maxi? Maxi
  17.   Jazz club or Rock concert? Rock – I was an emo in high school, I loved slipknot and everything!
  18.   Favourite place to eat in Bangor? Harvey’s
  19.   3 apps you can’t live without? Instagram haha, YouTube and VSCO.
  20.   What do you typically eat for breakfast? I don’t! Coffee!
  21.   Where did you grow up? Leeds
  22.   What fashion word do you wish everyone would stop saying? LIT
  23.   Biggest misconception about being a fashion influencer? That it’s really easy – it takes up a lot of the day and sometimes I receive abuse messages for no reason.
  24.   Go-to Netflix binge? The Big Bang Theory – me and my dad always used to watch it together.
  25.   If you could go back in time, what fashion craze would you ban? Neon – I had a neon themed birthday party once when I was 12 and everyone wore neon tutus haha.
  26.   A film/TV character you get inspo from? Rachel Green
  27.   Lace or fur? Faux fur
  28.   Paris Fashion Week or New York FW? Paris
  29.   Favourite designer? Chanel
  30.   Top 3 Instagram fashion influencers you take inspo from? @sophiiekiirby, @beth_bartram and @fashion influx

  31.   Favourite comedian? Russell Howard
  32.   David Bowie or Mick Jagger? Jagger
  33.   Xmas season: Sparkles or plaid? Plaid always!
  34.   Life motto? My mum always tells me…Instead of thinking “I can’t”, think “How can i?”
  35.   Vintage or new? Vintage
  36.   Favourite cocktail? Mojito
  37.   A book you wish you had written? …does Vogue count?
  38.   Favourite smell? Coffee in the morning and my puppy smells like vanilla (Gorgeous pug named Winter)
  39.   Polka dot or stripes? Polka
  40.   Favourite food? Pizza!
  41.   Least favourite food? Fish – all fish.
  42.   Dream job? A combination of blogging and marketing, maybe for a fashion magazine like Vogue.
  43.   Favourite Kardashian? Khloe is so funny but if I could look like any it would be Kendall.
  44.   Starbucks order? Gingerbread latte.
  45.   Favourite local beach? I love this hidden beach between the pier and the boat house but whenever we take winter, all the sand gets stuck in the creases of his face.
  46.   Who do you look up to? I’m obsessed with Beth (@beth_bartram), she’s been through so much and she works so hard, its inspiring.
  47.   Favourite fashion app? I like 21 buttons but of course I spend the most time on Instagram.
  48.   Best Depop purchase? I got an amazing black pea coat for £4
  49.   New Year’s resolution? Work harder although my boyfriend says if I worked any harder there wouldn’t be any time left in the day.
  50.   Ideal date? Something thoughtful. My boyfriend is very thoughtful, one night he ran me a bath and bought me a new book.

  51.   Favourite high street shop? Topshop
  52.   Favourite online shop? NastyGal
  53.   Best concealer? YSL!
  54.   Top beauty hack? Use baby powder instead of baking powder, you save so much money and you get loads of it!
  55.   Favourite fragrance? At the moment I’m loving Peony Noir by Michael Buble
  56.   Oversized or fitted? Oversized, you can eat more!
  57.   Quality or quantity? Quality – I get sent a lot of clothes so if I’m going to buy something I will definitely choose something good quality.
  58.   Celeb crush? Halsey.
  59.   First job? I volunteered for a year at Banardo’s
  60.   Best fashion tip you learnt from your mum? Don’t mix black and brown or gold and silver.
  61.   Advice to other aspiring influencers? To not cheat the system (buying likes/followers etc) and it won’t happen overnight.
  62.   If you were to join The Spice Girls, what would your name be? Messy Spice!
  63.   Most expensive item you splurged on? My mum bought me an expensive Coach bag if that counts?
  64.   You can only dance to one song for the rest of your life – what would it be? Colors by Halsey. Every time I play it I dance around the house.
  65.   What advent calendar do you have? Maltesers
  66.   Biggest pet peeve? People who eat with their mouth open.
  67.   Favourite rapper? Nicki Minaj
  68.   Patterned tights? Yes or no? Yes but you have to be careful…my mum tried to get me to wear pink paisley ones, no way.
  69.   Biggest fear? Needles
  70.   A goal off your bucket list? I’d love to live in New York or Paris for a while.
  71.   Favourite city to shop in? Leeds.
  72.   Favourite fashion magazine? Vogue
  73.   Sparkling or flat? Sparkling.

To find out more about Becky Lou Button follow her Instagram: @beckyloubutton and check out her blog beckyloubutton.co.uk


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