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Being a student is a difficult financial time for many, hence why it is so important that we quickly learn how to scrimp and save. For that reason, it’s unlikely that we will always be able to buy the high-end products BUT fear not. As the beauty community evolves ‘dupes’ (duplicates) have been created for a fraction of the price. An affordable brand that has took the UK by storm is Makeup Revolution.

Makeup Revolution’s products, according to their website, are 100% cruelty free and are not tested on animals. In addition to this, the majority of their products are also vegan. Makeup Revolution is, as its name suggests, a revolutionary brand which creates high quality products at an affordable price. My favourite Makeup Revolution products are the eyeshadow palettes that they offer. With creative names like ‘Mermaids Forever’ and ‘Eyes Like Angels’, the eyeshadow palettes retail at £4 – £12 which is a bargain in comparison to high-end brands that charge £32 for the same quality. A personal favourite of mine is the Revolution ‘Pro’ Astrological Palette which is £8 and contains 18 pigmented eyeshadow colours. An eclectic mix of marble shimmer shades and warm matte brown shades, this palette is out of this world!

Makeup Revolution are continuously expanding their brand; they have released sub-brands such as Obsession, I Heart Revolution, Revolution Pro and Revolution Skincare.

In their ‘I Heart Revolution’ range, the Chocolate Palettes bare an astonishing similarity to that of Too Faced’s ‘Chocolate Bar’ eyeshadow palettes. Whilst the I Heart Revolution palette is on the market for £8.99, Too Faced retail their palette at an eye-watering £39. As both palettes feature 18 eyeshadows, one would assume that the elevated price that Too Faced charge is due to the high quality of their eyeshadows in comparison to I Heart Revolution, but we would be wrong! The Revolution Beauty website allows customers to post reviews about their products and the ‘Cotton Candy Chocolate Palette’ boasts 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. One customer from Finland pointed out the similarity between the two brands chocolate palettes stating ‘Is this a White Chocolate Bar dupe? It sure looks like that, except that this is better than the TF (Too Faced) original.’

Thus, I rest my case. The price of makeup does not always correlate with the quality of the product and as the reviewer pointed out that I Heart Revolution’s palette was not only a more affordable dupe but also that it was the better out of the two! So next time you want to buy makeup but don’t want to splash the cash, go for a dupe! You don’t know what you’re missing out on!



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