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Explained: The Korean Skin Routine


Korean beauty has been on the up and we can’t stop our need to follow their beauty tips. With so many products and methods, where do we start? I’ve formulated (and simplified) some of their best loved steps and beauty goodies with the help of Korean beauty and lifestyle blogger, Vicky Lee. With an abundance of knowledge on the Korean beauty trend, Lee tells all about the morning routine we should be following for care-free and glowing skin!


Step 1: Wash with Water

Wash your face with only water, no cleanser. Water works wonders on removing the impurities that embed themselves into your face during the night.


Step 2: Toner

Toner helps balance the skins pH levels and is an important step in any skincare routine. Without toner skin can become dehydrated and occasionally dry. Its role in this routine is imperative as it works as an extra layer to absorb any products you follow on to use.


Step 3: Essence

What is essence you ask? Well, it is a hybrid between toner and a serum. This product works to hydrate the skin and force cellular turnover to improve a more youthful appearance.


Step 4: Ampoule

Another beauty term explained, ampoule is like serums but works to target specific skincare issues. They should be used as a boost for when your skin is really under the weather.


Step 5: Serum

After using every product under the sun that is LIKE serum we finally reach the step where we use the thing itself. Serums are full of active ingredients but in concentrated formulas, they are used to target a specific skin concern such as wrinkles, dehydrated skin, or tiredness.


Step 6: Eye Cream

An eye cream should be applied around the brow and socket bone to the inner and outer corner of the eye (be careful not to get any in your eye).


Step 7: Moisturiser

Apply all over the face in a medium to light layer for all day hydration.


Step 8: Sunscreen

A step many of us don’t incorporate into our routines but perhaps why Koreans are doing it right. Sunscreen should be used for more than just holidays, the suns UV rays are harmful to our skin and by protecting our skin we are reducing the likes of dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines.


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