Self-Care Tips for Stressed-Out Students


As first semester begins to take its’ toll, it’s easy to begin to stress out about lectures, seminars, assignments, group projects, etc, etc, etc. Rather than letting all that stress overwhelm you, follow these tips to help you chill out and wind down.

1. Take a walk
There’s nothing better than fresh air filling your lungs, especially in autumn when the air is brisk and chilly. Take a walk down to the pier and back again, or maybe across to Anglesey, if you feel like it! There’s nothing to chill you out and perk you up like spending a few hours outdoors.

2. Switch off – literally
Difficult though it may be to step away from Instagram and leave your phone alone for a few hours, spending time away from technology could help to mellow you out. I’m not suggesting you sit in a darkened room for three hours, though; read a book, chat to friends, cook some food!

3. Cosy Up
As the day draws to a close, take some time to get cosy for the evening. Take a shower, and get into your comfiest PJ’s – maybe light a couple of candles and put on a relaxing playlist. Do whatever you can to have a relaxing evening and you’ll be all set to seize the next day.

4. Pamper Yourself
Facemasks are relatively inexpensive, and are a simple way to look after yourself (not to mention fun!). If you don’t fancy that, maybe paint your nails or do a foot mask. Looking after yourself on the outside is a great way of making yourself feel better on the inside.

5. Call your loved ones
It may have been weeks since you last gave your parents a call, but they’ll always be glad to hear from you. Whether you’ve been conquering the world or getting up at 5pm, they’ll want to know all about it. Even spending some time in the kitchen with your flatmates will be enough to perk you up and chill you out.

By Faith Elsegood


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