‘My Face. My Rules’- Say No to Makeup Shaming


Sleek Makeup has teamed up with Ditch the Label on a campaign against makeup shaming. Perhaps it is an area you did not think people could discriminate against, but it is and affects the lives of many who have a passion for expressing themselves through the art of makeup. As the makeup industry continues to expand with new trends and techniques there has been a rise in makeup shaming.

‘My face. My rules’ aims to recognise and prevent the shaming of how we choose to define our own beauty. The campaign aims to liberate those who choose to wear makeup and wear it how they wish, whether it be purple lipsticks or orange eyeshadow, we all have the right to express ourselves how we want. There is a stigma attached to wearing makeup and with the help of Sleek’s campaign that stigma can be quashed so that many women who suffer under the scrutiny of others can celebrate individualism and uniqueness.

Staggeringly results from Ditch the Label shows that 22% of people take women who wear lots of makeup-less seriously and a further 31% agreed that wearing lots of makeup looks trashy. These results reflect a negative attitude towards those who perhaps wear makeup for confidence or because they enjoy wearing it, it is ok to have a passion and nobody should make you feel bad for what you love to do/wear.


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