The True Meaning of Valentine’s Day


self loveOpinions and celebrations of Valentine’s Day vary. The classic cynic express’s contempt at what is a seemingly materialistic and lust endorsed day, as couples bombard each other with gifts festooned in love hearts and roses. To others it offers reason to take time off and appreciate the existence of a significant other, coddling in the sweet romance of relationships. Yet in the midst of this indulgent period don’t forget to indulge yourself.

A celebration of self-love is not only reserved for those who are single. Loving oneself isn’t simply wrapping yourself in a duvet burrito and marathoning Netflix favourites, although that counts too. Like any relationship self-love requires a little effort. It demands true love without the fluff of red hearts and almond filled Belgian chocolates. This Valentine’s Day should be a day dedicated to a paramount love: you.

For fear of advocating narcissism let us clarify what true self love is. The truth is that ‘true love’ is a somewhat enigmatic term. For an emotion so personal, what makes it ‘true’ is purely subjective. Never fear, there are a few tell-tale signs that expose love. This Valentine’s Day, consider ways to apply these to yourself.

We all know the line “true love knows no limits”. When in love, or even infatuated, we often find we’d do anything for the person. Whether it’s merely keeping them happy or to help them achieve a goal, it’s natural to want to go above and beyond. This Valentine’s day remember to love yourself with an unlimited perspective.

The arc of a scar, a funny expression, unexpected emotions, the exceptionally large or the surprisingly small features: we love it all. Typically, when in a relationship we learn to adore the so called imperfections. Of course self-development is healthy, yet with the ambiguity of what perfection even is, love yourself with all your perfect imperfections.

On the note of self-development, when with the ‘right’ person rumours are you become a better person. They highlight your greater traits, you feel better, do better, and love better. But it is impossible to achieve this without putting you first. Be your own motivation for the evolution of yourself.

This valentine’s day, alone or in company, take a moment to reflect on how you can become a better version of yourself, embrace the body you have, accept your unique demeanour, and admire the random ramblings of your mind.



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