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Dare to Flare?


The key to having a stylish and fashionable 2015 is all to do with preparation. I have compiled a selection of predicted trends to hit the high street this year, along with some good old advice.


  1. Suede:

2015 is the year for Suede. Whilst leather seems to have been a big winner for the past few years, suede is making its comeback in seventies style force. Unlike leather, suede can be tricky to style. It should rather be used as an accent piece in your wardrobe. A simple pair of suede knee high boots is one way in which you could take part in this trend. It is also essential to look after your boots, especially suede, due to how the material is damaged quite easily over time when compared to leather.


2. Flares:

Whilst seventies fashion has made some appearances over the past few years, 2015 is definitely the year for seventies style. Large, wide-brimmed hats and flares are going to be a staple in this spring/summer season, but this trend may be off-putting to some, due to the nature of flares.


3. The ‘flamboyant male’:

Men should be donning their shirts in effortless chic with the rise of this style. Think Adam & the Ant meets Jimi Hendrix. Wait until the upcoming warmer months to start sporting this style.


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Eleanor Hirst

Fashion Editor 2014/15

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