Bringing back the nineties!


The 90s was a great time for fashion; a mixture of grunge and hippie, psychedelic rap hip and lumberjack chic. It was also the era when the Supermodel was born. As Seren celebrates its 90’s night we look back at some key trends to embrace whilst we go back to this iconic decade.

First up is Grunge; this was the trend of the 90’s, think Kurt Cobain, Kate Moss and Courtney Love. This sexed up, devil may care look can be achieved through low slung flared jeans in plain denim, check/ plaid shirts and crop tops. Typically in muted colours, with flashes of red for emphasis Grunge was the style to copy with its’ influential leaders being some of the most celebrated people in the arts and fashion industries.

We next look to vibrant street wear as seen, most noticeably in the TV hit show “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, clashing colours with a sporty feel gave the impression of looking like you have made an effort without trying too hard. The bright colours added pizazz to the outfit and the whole ensemble came off as beautifully carefree. Key items included a basketball vest top and a snapback baseball cap.

The third trend we must draw our attention too was the trend for all things rave. A step up from the hippy/ flower child look that happened in the early 90’s, rave capitalised upon it and made it brighter and bolder. Flared jeans in acidic colours, and a definite myriad of colours all over clothing, make up and accessories were a definite antidote to all the grunge wear.

Other influences came in the form of the Spice Girls whose debut on the global scene of both fashion and music was loud and definitely proud. Unashamedly all about girl power and individuality the five women took Britain and the world by storm.

In 1994 a huge shift came in high fashion when the brand Gucci was revived under the stewardship of the now, globally famous Tom Ford. Gucci was sexy, daring and all out dangerous and revamped the designer world with a heady mix of sex and over expense.


All in all the 90’s was a decade of fun and variety for Fashion and so with that in mind we all very much hope that every one of you will embrace the amount of choice on 90’s night.


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