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Here at Bangor Students’ Union, we’re committed to improving your time in Bangor. Now, this year’s NSS results highlight lots of areas for improvement, and we’ve been doing lots and lots of work with the University to make things better. As soon as the results came out, we identified areas where the most work was needed, and started speaking to key staff to make sure that issues were being taken seriously, but also that students were at the heart of any solution. In previous years, action plans have been written to try to make things better, but they often guessed why students were dissatisfied.

This year, we’ve been banging on and on about taking the time to speak with students. Most notably, last week we ran an action day with staff and students from the College of Arts and Humanities, in conjunction with a University project looking to embed your voice, run by Jo Caulfield. This was fantastic, with students and staff from each school separately drawing up actions based on the worse areas, before meeting up to discuss what to do. Everyone got really involved – in fact, most people stayed behind at the end to carry on discussions! We’re looking forward to seeing the student suggestions being built into official action plans, and working with Uni to make sure there are improvements. We’re also planning more events like this in the future – so if you’d like to help your department become even better, keep your eyes peeled!

Alongside these one off events, our lovely new Academic Representation Unit, who are here to make sure you get the best education possible, have been poring over the results, to make sure that we are experts in the student experience in Bangor! We’ve been getting all the highlights ready for Course Rep training, so that Course Reps can work with schools over any problem areas.

If you’d like to know any more, get involved, or just come in for a good old-fashioned natter about the results, e-mail academicrepunit@bangorstudents, or just pop in to see us – we’re near Ffridd site, behind Bar Uno on Victoria Drive.


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