Author: Ida Väisänen

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Deputy Editor: Design 2014/15, TV Editor 2013/14

In the pre-Christian Nordic countries there was a custom to celebrate ‘the return of light’ around the winter solstice in December, which marked the beginning of longer days. Believe me, it’s truly something to celebrate about! In Finnish Christmas celebrations the Eve is significant. After proclaim- ing the Christmas peace around 1PM in the city of Turku the whole country literally quietens. The Christmas peace tradition began in the 13th century and it’s asking people to respect the Christmas spirit. The ceremony is televised and a follow-up to the children’s programmes enjoyed through the morning. My fondest Christmas tradition was the annual…

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”Where are you from?” This is the question I usually run into every time I meet a new person these days. During Fresher’s week I met more people than I have in all my life and that’s usually the question that follows after exchanging names and degrees. Where am I from. It’s the accent. Gives me away every time. I don’t mind people asking though. It’s considerate of them to ask. I’m not just classified as foreigner. Either people show interest, or they’re just being polite. I don’t really care if it get’s the conversation going. It’s funny though how…

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