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2014-05-31_21-02-33(1)The Summer Ball is the biggest event of the year. Despite what skeptics have said, the ball is not designed to make money. It’s held to offer the students who have worked hard to get through their finals a chance to let loose and to do so in style.

On ticket sales alone, the event would actually make a loss! When you add in the drink sales, they still only break even. Our tickets have been sold to us at the same price for over ten years now. Everyone has worked hard to keep the cost of tickets low, even with the additional five hours that the last two years have enjoyed, with the day events of the Summer Ball.

I think this is reflected in this year’s sale rates. The Summer Ball was sold out three and a half weeks before the event. That is the fastest in ten years. The previous year, tickets sold out two weeks before. Considering these sales, it’s fair to assume the consensus is it’s decent value for money!

The summer ball provides an opportunity to bring singers and acts to Bangor who would never normally come as far out as us. Our location works against us at times, and often acts are reluctant to travel as far out. The effect of this is the cost to get them to perform increases.

Although we students haven’t felt this too much in the price of tickets, as they’ve remained the same regardless of who is preforming, it’s worth taking into account the extra work it takes to get people like Jess Glynne out to the North West of Wales.

So our location is awkward at times, but there is no denying we have a beautiful building in a beautiful setting. The great thing about Bangor University, that most other uni’s don’t have, is that we have Hogwarts.
Unfortunately Hogwarts-like buildings tend to come with a grade listing. With a grade one listing, the summer ball presents a regular challenge: how do we organize a great night with lighting and sound complexities, while controlling hundreds of celebrating, alcohol fueled students? At least Academi have it covered.

Day Events2014-05-31_14-29-25(2)

The day will be festival themed, with the rides and food stalls from the day still running through the evening events.

Keep your eyes open for the extras. Last year there was a bucking bronco and a bungee run.
Remember to wear sun-cream to make sure you’re not burnt for the evening do.

Evening Events2014-06-01_01-08-14(1)

The festival will still be up and running through the evening, but with the added bonus of the PJ Hall and Powis hall.

Seren Photographers will be working the night, as well as the SU photographers and the opportunity to have some proffesiional photos taken in main arts reception.


For a wonderful or even romantic conclusion to your Summer Ball, you can head to Mikes Bites or Belle Vue for a late night fry up and then watch the sun rise from Roman Camp.

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