You Me at Six: Cavalier Youth


2you_me_at_sixYou Me at Six achieved their first UK number one in the album charts this month with their brand new album, ‘Cavalier Youth’. Released on January 27th the band hit the top 40 charts with two singles off the album, ‘Lived a Lie’ and ‘Fresh Start Fever’. The band sticks with their genre of pop punk by the way of their catchy riffs, occasional gang vocals and inspiring lyrics sung by frontman Josh Franceschi.

The Surrey-based band say that the album title means ‘carefree youth’ and is about the band’s growth into adulthood. They have a more mature outlook on life now they’re into their twenties. As the lyrics in ‘Fresh Start Fever’ suggest, “Welcome to the future, dream a little bigger”, the band intend to carry on storming the charts and selling out venues. This is also suggested in ‘Hope For The Best’ with the line, “You gotta keep the dream alive, or else it will die.” The band is very much keeping their dream alive.

Cavalier-Youth-1024x1024The album seems to tell a story of youth, maturity and living without regret. Cavalier Youth seems to provoke different emotions throughout, from uplifting to slow and mellow.

Not all reviews of Cavalier Youth have been positive, with some slating You Me at Six by declaring they are a band that only “screaming sixteen year old girls would enjoy”, and the album does gain interest from young listeners, Cavalier Youth is definitely not just aimed at their teenage fans but also at the twenty-plus range and is easily relatable.

Best songs off this album: Fresh Start Fever, Room to Breathe, Hope For The Best and Wild Ones.

For fans of:  Paramore, Lawson, DON BROCO, Mayday Parade and McFly.



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