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Photo by Storm FM Bangor, Facebook

Date: 28th November 2013

Location: Bar Uno, Bangor

On November 28th 2013, a battle was fought. A fierce, fierce battle. The prize? To play the Psych Societies Winter Ball on December 10th. There were five contestants; each of whom put up a brave fight. The Battle of The Bands was put on by Storm FM in association with Bangor University Stage Crew and hosted by Bar Uno. All five bands were given a 20 minute slot in which they showed their talent.

The night started with a cool and mellow acoustic act – Sam Parsons. He bought the loud crowd to a quick and quiet lull with his gentle tones and smooth melodies; a good start to an even greater night.

The following band was the Moonlight Thieves from Coleg Menai. Even though they were young, they certainly did not lack talent and got the crowd going with their upbeat rocky vibe. They were runners-up in the competition, which is impressive considering that their contenders were older and had been on the Bangor music scene longer than they.

Following the Moonlight Thieves, we had Beyond The State, a hyper, energetic and very confident band; these guys definitely knew how to rock out, and they certainly had some impressive head banging going on.

The second to last band Leep were a little disappointing, especially given that they opened with an Oasis favourite after which their set seemed to gradually get worse. Though they did definitely know how to move, their energy captured audience and they seemed to rely on that, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The final contestants were called Lucy is a Decoy, who whacked out some great music and were very well practiced musicians who evidently knew how to play and play well. They could be likened to bands such as Kings of Leon as they had that hook and rhythm which catches the audience in an instant.

Overall, it was a fantastic night. All the bands were extremely talented and energetic and the audience tried to match their energy throughout the evening. Lucy is a Decoy placed third, Moonlight Thieves second and Beyond The State first. All of the bands who played are definitely ones to look out for on the Bangor music scene in the future!


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