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Let me introduce to you the Philips voice tracer, more specifically the DVT6000 model. After only playing with the Dictaphone for a couple of minutes, I had managed to grasp how to use it.


The audio quality, especially in a one to one interview, is superb. However, I ran into a little more trouble when trying to record from further away. As the product attempts to focus in on the source of speech, you have to be extremely careful about when you hit the record button so it actually focuses on the lecturer, not the guy two seats over with a runny nose.


The memory in the Dictaphone is also immense. Being able to hold a total of around 93 hours of audio straight out the box, you will struggle to fill this up.


There is also the price. With this Dictaphone setting you back by £90 there are much cheaper options out there that will provide a quality suitable for your university life. You are definitely paying for a quality product but, with it being crafted for use on a day to day basis, it may not be the sort of investment many students are after.


However, if you intend to hold onto the Dictaphone for the possibility of going for interviews or maybe even to record important meetings, this Dictaphone will last the test of time and prove to be a very reliable and prudent purchase.

By Joe Keep


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