Alternative Forms of Art You Can Do In Lockdown


Photo by Leppicu (CC BY-SA 4.0)

This article aims to point out some interesting art forms that arguably aren’t so alternative, but that are not so much in mainstream media, like your conventional portrait on a canvas. Most of them are accessible too, in that anyone can have a go – it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

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Cake Decorating

This is one I think a lot of people will have seen on social media and TV. It has become something of a craze over the last few years; a competition of who can create the most impressive designs on a material that doesn’t last. That’s something that might attract you to this artform – what you make won’t be around forever, so if you’re not happy with it, it’s no big deal. As this one is not about making the cakes, you don’t have to bake the cake yourself! You could buy a plain cake, or cupcakes from any supermarket, along with most of the decorating equipment. You’ll only need a few supplies to get started. Remember, the internet is full of ideas if you get stuck!

Photo by Leppicu (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Pebble Painting

As long as you have access to some form of paint, this one is relatively easy.Take a walk to the beach and pick up some pebbles. You might think they could work as the basic shape of an animal, or it could just be an alternative to a canvas. Lay down some newspaper or material you don’t mind getting splattered, and get creative! You can keep your finished pebbles, or it might be nice to leave them along a beach walk, or anywhere to make someone smile!


This is one that could really spice up your university notes! You will need to buy a calligraphy pen and some ink, but other than that this one is good to go. There’s a number of videos online that can show you the steps, and there’s also places you can follow for lessons and tips. I think this is a good one for those who feel they’re not super arty, because as long as you can write, you can learn how to make it more decorative by following simple instructions!

Photo taken from Pixabay, CC0


For this one you’ll need a needle, some coloured thread, and some plain fabric. You can find patterns online, and start sewing as you would drawing! You can create some really beautiful designs, which, when you feel confident, you could embroider straight onto your bag or denim jacket! You can subscribe to magazines for specific guidance or themes, too.


If you’ve seen The Great Pottery Throw Down, I’m sure you’d like to have a go at sculpting and painting your own pieces. This one could be a bit more pricey, but you can get your supplies online or in your local craft store. Again, there’s plenty of advice and tutorials online that can help you get started, but there’s also a couple of places you can subscribe to that will send you all the kit with instructions, which might be better for you.

There are endless forms of art, and if you’re thinking you’d rather create something that’s not on paper, there’s plenty of possibilities. Hopefully this list can start you off!


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