Recommendation: Treborth Botanical Gardens


Photo by Scott Taylor

The Treborth Botanical Gardens are about a 25-minute walk from Bangor, and they are completely free to pay a visit to. 

As you walk in, you will see a small Chinese-style garden that was created with the input of an institute from China to ensure that it was as accurate as possible to how it should appear. There is a huge variety of beautiful plants throughout the botanical gardens with large, open spaces that are perfect for a relaxing walk with friends or by yourself. The Botanical gardens also house a small waterfall that is well worth the walk to see, and there is also a small pond that houses a collection of different plants. 

Treborth Botanical Gardens is a great place to educate yourself on the native flora and fauna that you will see around Bangor and North Wales, as well as in China! The gardens are also connected to a beautiful path that allows you to walk alongside the Menai Strait, shaded by the large trees that cover the path. If you continue to follow the path, you will eventually end up at the base of the Britannia bridge, where you will be able to learn more about its structure, and also see a large piece of the bridge that was put on display from when it needed repairs after a fire some years ago. If you continue to head up towards the bridge you will also be able to see two of four large stone lions that stand at the base of each side of the bridge. 

The gardens aren’t far away from the university and are incredibly peaceful, relaxing, and truly beautiful. Why not take a walk through and see what the gardens have to offer, and then carry on until you see the stone lions too! It’s a great piece of local history, and it’s completely free! 


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