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  • Rare fragments of a 14th century stained glass window removed from Heckington’s St Andrews Church in Lincolnshire in 1946 are to be returned.

    Stained Glass

  • The floor plan for 1 Facebook Way, Mark Zuckerberg’s new engineering HQ, was revealed. The 430,000 sq. ft (40,000 sq. m) space features a real-life Facebook wall and a rollerblade fun park and is expected to become the largest open plan space in the world.

    Facebook HQ

  • Six paintings by French impressionist Claude Monet recovered from private collectors could fetch up to $110m (£73m) during NYC’s spring auction collection.

    Monet Water Lillies

  • Two sketches by Cezanne have been found during conservation work on two of his watercolours. The works will be displayed at The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia until 18th May.

    Cezanne Sketches

  • Amanda Levete, the British architect behind the Selfridges building in Birmingham, has been chosen to design the second MPavillion in Melbourne. The inner-city forest canopy will host cultural events between October and February.

    Amanda Levete

  • A giant replica cave containing reproductions of prehistoric drawings has been inaugurated at Vallon-Pont d’Arc in France. The original drawings of bears, panthers, rhinos, and others in the Ardeche region are believed to be around 32,000 years old.

    France Cave Paintings

  • Australian activist and war artist George Gittoes has been awarded the 2015 Sydney peace prize “for his courage to witness and confront violence in the war zones of the world”.

    George Gittoes


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