Checkmate! The return of Bangor’s Chess Club


Finally! Bangor has a chess club again. For nearly five years Bangor students have been deprived of a place where they can go, play chess, make friends and enjoy a good chat. As a relatively new society we offer weekly meetings where we play chess, usually on a Thursday 6pm, in the Welsh seminar room (check Facebook for venue). Afterward we go to the pub and continue our chat there talking about the days events ect.

We feel that many people, who would like to play chess casually, are put off by the fancy moves and strategies more experienced players tend to use. That’s why we offer a no strings attached casual playing venue. Don’t know how to play? We offer coaching too!
We will also be organising a grand tournament for every student in Bangor, under or post graduate, with the grand prize being a mysterious unannounced item and the honour of being the reigning Bangor chess champion for that year!

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to email us at: and don’t forget to find us on Facebook.



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