INTERVIEW: Alex Boss, Bangor City FC


Give us a brief introduction on yourself?

My name is Alex Boss, and I am a winger at Bangor City FC. I started playing football from a young age, around 4-5. My dad always used to take me to the park for a kickabout, and I ended up joining in with a training session at a local side in Brighton. It was from then on I found a love for football.

I’m an attacking winger, with a lot of pace, which helps me get past defenders. I can get past defenders by just knocking the ball past them, or using quick footwork and skill to get past them. The main aim in my style of play is receiving the ball high up the pitch, so a diagonal ball or a straight ball over the top from a midfielder or full back is the best option, so I can run onto it.


Talk us through the ups and downs that Bangor City have had over the years?

We have had a lot of ups and downs at Bangor, but we have mainly been very consistent over the years, finishing in the top four to fight for a place in Europe. Last season we finished 2nd in the Welsh Prem with a very strong team, but unfortunately due to circumstances we had to be relegated to the league below us (Huws Gray Alliance). With a whole new team, we plan to be back in the Welsh Premier League next season to compete for our place in Europe once again.


How’s life for you personally at Bangor City FC?

Life for me at Bangor city is great, I get treated very well there by all the staff, and get given top equipment to help me get better in all areas as a player. The players are all great people on and off the pitch and ensure we all have a good experience and are helped on the pitch.


Just how passionate are the following at Bangor City?

Our followers are the best! In the league we are in now or in the Welsh Premier League the fans never let us down, and we appreciate it very much. If it were not for the fans, we would not be one of the biggest Welsh clubs in Wales! The fans are everything at our club and we wish to make them proud by going back up into the Welsh Premier League and fight for a place in Europe again.


What difference does a big crowd make to your performance?

Having a big crowd helps us a lot, especially with our fans. They cheer us on whether we are winning or losing and give us the motivation to push on through the pain and get a result. For ourselves and for them. Having a big crowd definitely makes a difference to our performance especially at home.


Would you say Bangor City FC is important to the local community – are you often stopped and appreciated by locals?

I think Bangor City is very important to the community, as it provides kids who love football to aim for something. We do a lot of coaching in the the community to give a little back to support that we get from the fans. Myself and a few other team mates do coaching sessions with local schools to give our knowledge to the next generation of footballers. It is also good for the adults or students as it gives them the opportunity to support a big local team and watch some high level football.


How important would you say it is for students to come and watch/support Bangor City FC and take an interest in a vital part of the local community?

I do think it is important for students to come and watch and support their local team so that they can get a feel for how much this club means to the locals and to the team members. Bangor City is a huge part of the area and means a lot to all the locals. The fans are very passionate about the club, and I think it is very important for students to come and watch and support and no doubt they will become just as passionate.



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  1. The game on Saturday was the best game of the season so far great passing of the ball and a great 9 0 thrashing to the opponents keep it up lads

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