Men’s Hockey 2’s Take the Win



Bangor’s Men’s Hockey second team this afternoon quietened their Aber counterparts with a 3-1 win.

The win came despite a “We hate Bangor” chant from the Aber fans who were confident of an “easy win”.

“The best they’ve [Bangor] ever played defensively, it was always gonna be a tight game but its great to get a win as we lost last year.” said Jonathan Boardman, Bangor’s centre back.

Bangor’s defence was amazing, keeping possession and making a lot of safe passes towards the beginning of the match. Half an hour in Bangor scored their first goal, Garry O’Donohue, followed by ‘Gangnam Style’ celebrations from the team. Aber’s response was to make a number of desperate shots from the centre of the field.

The game came to a stop for about three minutes when the ball got stuck in the Bangor goalie’s padding after another Aber longshot.

Half time came with Bangor still holding a 1-0 lead.

Ten minutes into the second half O’Donohue scored another goal past Aber’s goalie but a minute later Aber’s Ed Whittaker had scored too.

Another five minutes later and Bangor had another goal out of nowhere from Muhammad Imrad Ali.

Prior to the beginning of the game Aber had been confident that they would win, “It’ll 2 or 3 -1 to Aber” said Ellie Cannon, a member of Aber’s Women’s Hockey team.

With Bangor holding strong with a 3-1 lead the Aber team seemed a little desperate and made a lot of mistakes that Bangor could capitalise on. Bangor had possession throughout the whole game and deserved the win.

Bangor’s goalie, John Williams, was nominated man of the match by his whole team after some brilliant saves.


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