Bangor Sink In Swimming


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Bangor’s swimming team suffered a close 129-98 defeat to Aberystwyth at this year’s Varsity.

Despite the defeat Bangor fought hard with a small team of only 7 against Aber’s 30.

Losing the first event meant a difficult lead to follow and things were only made worse by the lack of a full team.

An early lead in the third event meant that Bangor were at level points with Aber by the end of the first round of events. The contest went to half time with Aber leading 64-47, a difficult score to come back from.

Three events into the second round Bangor found themselves trailing significantly, leading to their defeat and one more point to Aberystwyth in the day’s score.




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  1. Don’t forget to mention we only had 7 people compared to Aber who had about 30. Each swimmer had to do more than 10 events each! I think we did pretty well considering

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