Editoral – Issue 224 – May 2012


Welcome to what I can’t believe is already my last issue of Seren! Just a few months ago we were creating our Freshers’ Issue, now in the midst of dissertation deadlines, essay stress and exam trauma, we’re getting ready to wave you off for the Summer, and unfortunately, some of you for good. Congratulations on getting yourself a degree, and for passing your year. Here at Seren we like to go out with a bang, which is why this issue is once again a massive 48 pages. This obviously means we have new features, and for the first time ever we have a Motors section, you should be aware that it’s my favourite page this issue, and not just because I made it. The issue also sees the return of the business page, and this time we’re giving you tips on how to make some extra cash using eBay. You may have heard about Hollaback, it’s a street harassment campaign and we’ve heavily covered it in this issue because we think it’s important that you’re kept safe! Also inside this month’s issue, we’re saying goodbye to the current Sabb team who have all done excellent jobs whilst in office, we have all your standard music and film reviews including a bit of an Avengers special simply because we loved it. Most excitingly though, this Seren profiles the acts playing your Summer Ball, and what a ball it is going to be! We’re seriously impressed with the line-up. I’m going to sign off now simply by saying that it’s been a pleasure editing Seren this year, and I’m thankful for the experience I’ve gotten from it. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading the paper as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together, Seren has got a good team of people behind it and without them it wouldn’t look as good as it does today. For those graduating and heading off into something new, good luck, and for those who are returning, we’ll see you next year!

Ps. R.I.P. Graham </3


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