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Keeping active over Christmas is a lot easier said than done, as staying warm and cozy in the house munching on cheese and watching Christmas films in our PJ’s often seems a lot more appealing than dragging ourselves outside for a run, swim or cycle in the cold weather!

We all have our guilty pleasures that we overindulge in over Christmas, and that’s ok, it is Christmas after all! But rather than sit down all day and feel miserable about what we’ve eaten, Christmas is also a time where we can keep moving our body so we feel healthy and happy, and a dance workout at home is the perfect opportunity to do this. 

Dancing has many health benefits – it improves our heart rate and overall fitness, makes us stronger, and increases our coordination and flexibility. Through dancing you can burn over 400 calories in an hour (which probably equates to a mince pie or a handful of Quality Street!). 

The secret to staying active over Christmas, is to schedule an amount of time each day that will get your heart racing and make your skin glow – so here are some festive themed dance and fitness workouts for you to try this Christmas … 


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