De-stress Your Breasts with VegSoc and UBT


On Thursday 19th November, Bangor Uni Boob Team (UBT) ran an event in collaboration with Bangor VegSoc, bringing together vegan baking and boobies. The aim of the social was to raise money for the amazing charity ‘CoppaFeel’ to which UBT is linked, whilst also having fun making an array of cookies, representing all the wonderful shapes and sizes that boobs come in. The event also included a mini competition to see who could make the most boobtiful masterpiece, using vegan chocolate chip cookies as a basis of the design and variety of decorations to make their “own style of booby creativity”. 

Here are some pictures from the virtual social. I never thought I’d say this, but I would love to eat all of these booby creations:

Yummy boob-inspired bakes by VegSoc and Bangor UBT

To check out the amazing work of CoppaFeel (a charity that aims to spread awareness of breast cancer), click here. Or alternatively, text UBT BANG to 70500 to receive regular reminders to check your boobs.

Check out VegSoc and Bangor UBT on Instagram.


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