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Feeling stressed? Treat yourself! 

I recently went on an adventure to get my nails done. After a recommendation from a friend, I decided to visit ‘Nails by Aneta’ in the centre of town in Bangor. 

It was easy to find in the ‘Hair Place’. On entering I was immediately attended to and took a seat in the waiting area. I was seen within minutes of arriving. I was set at ease during the appointment as Aneta ensured that I was comfortable and relaxed the whole time.

I was anxious and concerned at first due to salons being a close contact area, but  I was surprised at the brilliance of the measures set in place. There was a plastic screen that divided the customer and nail artist. The beauticians were also wearing masks or visors which put me calm and less on edge. There were also hand-sanitising stations and the nail artist ensured to sanitise my hands. In addition to this, she was wearing gloves throughout the appointment and ensured she was keeping everything sterile. 

Another measure that made me feel at ease was the placement of the nail station; behind a room divider in a little booth with dim relaxed lighting and a comfortable chair which made the experience feel more personal and less anxiety-inducing. 

There was a wide range of styles of nails with a variety of colours to choose from. Aneta gave me a selection of different colours and styles on nails to look at while she was preparing my nails. I was unsure what colour to go with so I gave Aneta the theme of autumn nails with a few colours that I was drawn to and she advised me from there, walking me through all the steps that she took. 

Choosing shellac nails for £24, with a range of colours to choose from i chose an autumnal orange/ brown with sparkles and a shiny coating. I was now ready for the week!

I enjoyed the process of getting my nails done for the first time, Aneta filing my nails and tidying my cuticles, while also moisturising my nails and massaging my hands. Overall, a thoroughly calming experience. I left the salon feeling relaxed and recharged, and I would definitely  recommend ‘Nails by Aneta’ to anyone who is looking to get their nails done.


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