‘Tis the Season to be Single


If you’re in a relationship over this festive season, then you may not feel the loneliness singledom brings you. If you are single, they hey, you also must have a good time cocooned in your Ben & Jerry-eating, Greys Anatomy-watching life. Supposing you enjoy your ‘single and ready to mingle existence’, then that fine and enjoy it, but some may feel lonely or empty without someone at Christmas.

It’s normal to feel lonely when you’re single, especially at Christmas, and just because your friends are out every day of the week ending in ‘y’ drinking their weight in WKD, doesn’t mean you feel you have to. I guarantee you are not the only one feeling that, and just to give you a heads-up, here are a few celebs who have confessed to wanting to find that ‘special someone’; Taylor Lautner, Kim Kardashian, Olly Murs, 100% of the members of One Direction (but obviously be careful here due to the age of consent, as they are all clearly no older than twelve), Taylor Swift, and we all love a bit of Stephen Merchant (no, don’t do that face, he would made you laugh…ALOT). I mean, you can always stalk them on Twitter instead if all else fails.

My mission in this article is to make you feel better by reminding you of some positives of being single and yes, there are some;

– The Remote Monster = Top Gear, Everybody Loves Raymond,The Simpsons– NO! Trying to feed your Made In Chelsea/Tool Academy/One Born Every Minute habit when all the boyfriend wants to watch is junk (Tool Academy is amazing and you know it), is not going to happen. Being single = no remote-based problems! Watch whatever the heck you like, whenever you want to watch it, YEY!

– Having your own bed with your own space with no hot, sweaty buffalo snuggling like a leech on your back. You can spread out like a starfish or you can at least have the option to lie in the foetal position and not be forced into it by your bed-hogging loved one.

– I’ve saved the best till last, yes I’m just that kind – buying yourself stuff instead of the other half, with no extra birthday, Christmas or ‘I’m sorry’ presents to save for. Valentine’s Day is the best excuse to buy yourself ten thousand calories-worth of chocolates and sweets, whack on your onesie and put on a delightful Jennifer Anniston rom-com or, even better, Elf.


If you feel lonely over the festive period and need someone to talk to then why don’t you try giving Samaritans a call? They are there 24/7 and are completely confidential. 08457 90 90 90


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